Relationships 101

Wired for Connection

We now know from research on the human brain, that we humans are hard-wired for relationships and connection. Researchers have identified specific neurons in our brain that respond when we're relating to others. Based on this evidence, we can conclude that being in relationships and feeling connected to others is one of our BASIC HUMAN NEEDS. In fact, years of research shows that a good, positive attachment is essential for children's development in all areas, including emotionally, academically, socially, and physically. And, this need for healthy attachment doesn't just disappear when we become adults!!!

Knowing the necessity of human relationships, we can see how imperative it is for us ALL to enjoy positive, healthy connection with others in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. Unfortunately, this may not be everyone's experience due to a variety of factors: communication difficulties, circumstancial stressors, past experiences, broken trust, anxiety and fear, low self-esteem, etc.

Therapy and counseling can be a useful tool to help individuals, families, and couples to explore and address barriers that prevent meaningful, healthy connection and relationships. By identifying the barriers, a therapist and clients can begin to identify ways to address, eliminate, and overcome obstacles to fulfilling connection and emotional intimacy.

Recommended Books on Relationships:

1) Hold Me Tight

2) The Five Love Languages

3) The Relationship Cure

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