Is this Anxiety or a Panic Attack?

It's not uncommon for people to use the terms anxiety and panic attack interchangeably; however, there is a difference. Check out the article here.

Trade in the New Year's Resolution for Your Life Manifesto

A few years ago, around the holidays, I read the most interesting article on writing a Life Manifesto instead of the usual New Year's Resolution.  This January 1st, how about another approach to the New Year? Instead of trying to create another well-intentioned New Year's resolution that may eventually become irrelevant, dismissed, or discarded; how about starting to create your own Life Manifesto? If you're interested in reading more about this idea, check out the article here.

Hurricane Harvey Stress Recovery Group

8-week Stress Recovery Group for Harvey Survivors

We will be hosting an 8-week Mind-Body Stress Recovery Group for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The group will be 2 hours for a total of 8 weeks (must commit to all 8 weeks). The group will be located inside the 610 loop (central Houston) area and will be FREE OF CHARGE. **Space is limited to 12 participants. If you would like to pre-register in order to secure your spot, please follow the link to complete the pre-registration form. If you know someone who might benefit and would be interested in the group, please feel free to forward the email.

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Giving Thanks Can Give You Joy

November 11th, 2018

This is the season of Thanksgiving. For many, the holidays can be difficult and challenging. The art of appreciation can bolster your emotional immune system and decrease the holiday blues.

When faced with difficult situations or memories, having an emotional buffer is one way of creating emotional resilience. You can create this emotional buffer by regularly spending 60-90 seconds experiencing the feeling of appreciation.

You may be familiar with the idea of creating a daily "Gratitude List", and this has been helpful to many. However, just writing a list of things to be thankful for may not be enough.

The real impact comes from having the felt sense or embodied experience of the feelings of appreciation. Simply writing a list of positive things may not create the same positive changes in your brain and nervous system.

In order to create these mood elevating changes in your brain and body, you need to "train" your brain and body to experience positive emotion through regular practice.

You can practice this technique by starting with a sincere willingness to experience positive emotion. Next, sit quietly and begin to breath more slowly and deeply, focusing on the area around your heart. Then, call to mind a positive memory or experience or person that brings a smile to your face. Let yourself feel the feeling of being in that moment.

If you don't feel anything, it's okay (remember, your training your mind and body, so it may take some practice). Spend 60-90 seconds with this experience on a daily basis to create the positive changes and increase your emotional resiliency.

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November 1st, 2018

I haven't always known that one day I'd become a psychotherapist. I have often stated that "I'm a late bloomer". I didn't go directly to college after graduating high school, and when I did enroll in courses at the local community college, I took automotive technology. I later switched to pre-veterinarian courses, which was my first love as a child and in high school. Eventually, my heart realized that I was more interested in the pet's owners than the pets.  I knew I wanted to invest in helping people improve their lives, moods, overall health and quality of life.

One of the core inspirations that led to my work (or calling) came from my own life experience. As I was entering adulthood, I experienced a life crisis and hesitantly began seeing a therapist. Having a gentle and understanding human being to journey with me through the darkness, to offer healing insight and perspective, and to hold a safe and non-judgmental space, was life changing.

As vulnerable and imperfect human beings, we are all on this infinite journey towards embracing our humanity, healing from life's hurts, and learning to accept life's non-negotiables. Learning to accept our humanity with grace and self-compassion increases our empathy and connection with others. And this is what we're created to do; our brains are actually wired to connect with others.

I invite you on this expedition of self-discovery, greater connection with others, and a more abundant life.

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