About Depression

What is depression:
Depression is more than just feeling sad, feeling blue, or having a few down days.  Depression is a mental health condition that can seriously impact your work, home life, relationships, daily functioning, and other areas of your life.  Serious depression can not only affect your mental health but can also affect your physical health.  Depression is treatable with the right type of support and interventions.

How do I know if I have depression:
Often, depression can be overlooked and unnoticed, especially by the person who is experiencing depression as well as by family and friends.  It's not uncommon for someone who is depressed, or for their family and friends, to attribute depression behavior to lack of motivation, having a bad day, laziness, or not caring. Unfortunately, when depression goes unidentified or overlooked, this can prolong the person's suffering and delay the healing process.

Signs and symptoms of depression usually last 2 weeks or longer and can include:

  • depressed mood
  • loss of motivation
  • lack of interest in things that used to bring pleasure
  • hopelessness
  • difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • guilt
  • changes in sleep (too much or inability to sleep)
  • changes in appetite (loss of appetite or increased appetite)
  • thoughts about death/dying, and/or suicidal thoughts

**For some, depression symptoms may also include agitation, anger, disruptive behavior, and/or emotional numbing/disconnection (appearing to not care about things/others).

Seeking help for depression symptoms:
If you have concerns or questions about whether you or a loved one is experiencing depression, talk to an experienced professional.  An experienced professional can help evaluate and determine possible causes of emotional or behavioral changes or disturbances and direct you to the resources and supports available.  ;

Depression is treatable...you don't have to suffer in silence or alone.

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