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You are one-of-a-kind, unique, and worthy of love, connection, and wholeness.  Many times, life's stress, challenges, and difficulties can overshadow our sense of hope and worthiness.  Frequently, past experiences and relationships can interfere with our ability and desire to connect with yourself and with others in meaningful and healthy ways.  These obstacles can often lead to loneliness, depression, shame, fear, and disconnection from our self and from others.

I want to offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your desire for wholeness and your pursuit of connection with self and others.  Together, we can uncover your own unique sense of value and worth, your unmet needs and desires, and the possibilities and opportunities to find fulfillment, self-worth, meaning, and true joy.

This journey takes time and investment.  You are worth the time and investment that will allow you to discover and learn what will bring you peace and true joy.  Together, we will work toward creative breakthroughs, which will provide you with new ways of seeing and experiencing life.  With new perspective, empowerment, choices and opportunities you can create a life in sync with your heart's desires.  I will offer tools and resources that can help you make changes, identify new choices, grow in understanding, and begin reconnecting with your life and with others.

Call, email, or text me to schedule a phone consultation.  You can also schedule appointments through this website's online scheduling.  I look forward to discussing how we can work together to uncover your full and meaningful life.


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