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Walk & Talk Therapy

Experience the Healing Powers of Nature as we stroll through The Houston Arboritum and experience connection with nature, self, and other.  Throughout history, many have spoken about and felt the restoring qualities of being in and with nature and the outdoors. Nature has a way of reconnecting us with our self, reminding us of what is truly important, and helping us return to our true center. 

Walk & Talk Therapy is offered on Tuesday evenings between 4pm and 7pm and will last for about 45 minutes per session.  We will meet at The Houston Arboritum Nature Center during our scheduled time and then stroll the beautiful trails at the arboritum.  Please make sure to dress comfortably for outdoors, wear appropriate shoes for walking, and consider wearing insect repellent and bringing a bottle of water for hydration.

Additional Helpful Information:

  • The Houston Aboritum offers restrooms, water fountains, sitting benches, and lots of shade.  
  • Rates for Walk & Talk Therapy are the same as in office therapy ($130).
  • Confidentiality will remain of utmost importance; however, there are some limitations related to participating in therapy in the outdoors (see informed consent for more information).  During our session, therapist will take precautions to maintain confidentiality.  If we encounter others, we can either walk in another direction, pause the conversation until others pass by, and/or walk past others to a more private area.  If you encounter someone you know, we will discuss how you would like to handle the encounter to protect your comfort level.  Any concerns with privacy will be thoroughly discussed prior to the session.
  • Parking at the arboritum is free, as is the visit to the arboritum.  Because The Houston Arboritum is a non-profit organization, you are more than welcome to make a donation any time you visit.

If you are interested in participating in Walk & Talk Therapy sessions or would like more information, please feel free to call or text me to discuss (832-910-9599).


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