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Health & Wellness Coaching

Lately, we are hearing more and more about the importance of holistic health, healthy diet and eating, fitness and physical activity, stress management and relaxation, and the relationship between emotional health and physical health.  

We're surrounded with information on the latest and greatest workout routines that are guaranteed to burn fat and build strength, the many diet programs that promise results and change, as well as the thousands of articles to address the barriers and reasons that our efforts fall short or even fail.

Success with health and wellness goals or programs is less about lack of information and more about the need for increasing support, decreasing stress, improving mood, finding and maintaining motivation, creating partnerships, and overcoming habits, and tackling sabotaging emotions.  Working with a health and wellness coach may be the missing link between all your effort and experiencing meaningful results.

Health and wellness coaching uses strategies that will 1) help you to identify and stay focused on your motivations for better health 2) teach you how to identify thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that can sabotage your success 3) assist you in building internal and emotional resiliency which can protect you against those difficult days 4) provide you with a partner who can help support and reinforce your efforts, commitment, and success 5) give you personalized tools that will strengthen your resolve and bolster your confidence and self-esteem

Health and wellness coaching typically involves an initial meeting and assessment to determine your starting point, goals, challenging areas, and expectations.  After creating your health and wellness coaching plan, you would have weekly meetings that last 30-45 minutes, as well as one or two weekly emails/texts/or phone calls to provide additional support and validation.  Meetings can occur in my office or at another agreed upon meeting place such as a coffee shop, bookstore, or park. Each plan and program is individually tailored to fit your needs.

Are you ready for change, tired of failed fitness attempts, and open to having the support and input of a health and wellness coach and partner? 

Give me a call! I look forward to helping you attain your health and wellness goals.

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